…… in Poorna Salabhasana (aka aeroplane pose)

Full Locust firms abdominal muscles, upper arms, hips and thighs. Good for scoliosis, kyphosis, sponylosis and slipped discs. This is backbending and weightlifting for your spine, and full locust does what no Full-Lotus.jpgmachine can do.

Bikram says that of all the poses it is the one students find it hardest to improve in, but again, as long as you are TRYING the right way you are receiving all the benefits, so don’t be despondent.

1. Keep your knees and feet together and clench your hips and leg muscles TIGHT!

While it’s tempting to let your knees and feet (heels especially) part company as you try to come higher, try your very hardest not to. Do not allow your knees to bend!  Keep all your muscles tight and you will be able to lift your chest more. Plus you’re building up leg strength and toning your butt (and that’s a good thing, not just because it looks good in jeans, but it helps take the load off your poor over-worked lumbar spine).

2. Take a deep breath in as you lift

This inflates the lungs to maximum, encouraging the chest to lift and then the back muscles need to turn on to hold you up there.  Ideally you’ll use the muscles in the middle and lower spine to remain perfectly balanced on hip bones for 10 seconds.

3. Think of lengthening the body

How much can you stretch your arms out and your legs back, and your chest forward. Once your body creates space, then your muscles can contract more easily to get you higher.

4. Look up and back

While the ceiling and the teacher are often fascinating, you’re really trying to see the BACK of the room.  Whether you do or not is not so important as your intention. Yoga is about INTENTION to create CHANGE.You will open your chest, your heart chakra, your arms will begin to lift more and you will engage the back muscles.