We have classes for 3 styles of yoga which are part of the same family (lineage) of yoga. Bikram yoga is a Beginners yoga, classes are in a heated room to 42deg celcius. It is a therapeutic yoga style designed to be accessible and beneficial to people of all ages and all abilities –  first-time and experienced students alike.

Hatha yoga is an intermediate yoga, more challenging but in a heated room to 32 deg celcius.

We also have Himalayan Kriya Yoga, which is accessible to all and not heated. It is a new form of yoga that incorporates tapping, breath work, movement, asanas and meditation to dissolve all that is not you. 

Our Classes

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Bikram Yoga

A therapeutic 90 min Beginners yoga for all ages and all abilities. Absolutely no experience required

Himalayan Kriya Yoga

Dissolve all that is not you. HKY is a new form of yoga, that works with your energetic body to burn the karma that we carry on our physical body. Come join us and discover the real you.

No heat!

Hatha Intermediate

More challenging yoga with less heat. Open to everyone with some yoga experience. 75 min class

Individual Yoga Session

A private one on one session created for you to target specific chronic and acute injuries and conditions or deepen your practice.

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