Nikki-27aDo you find yourself walking around supermarkets staring at products wondering what to buy?

As a Naturopath I have spent years helping people formulate the best menu plan for their individual and family needs.

We are bombarded with information that leaves us feeling overwhelmed. Do we choose organic, non organic, gluten free, dairy free, GMO free, soy free, free range or colours and additives free?

This overload can leave us feeling extremely confused!

I aim to make your journey easier and specific to your needs. Where can you start to get clarity and re-empower yourself? Let’s start with fruits and vegetables and organic versus non organic.

There are two lists that have helped many of my clients. You can read them below. The good guys are the clean 15.  These vegetables and fruits were tested to have little to no pesticides. The dirty dozen fruits and vegetables have the most pesticide residue and are to be avoided if they are not organic.

My tip is if you can afford to buy all organic produce this would be my first choice. Alternatively buy clean 15 from the super markets and the dirty dozen from organic food outlets.


Nikki Leventis


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