“Triangle is the key posture to bring faith back to the spirit” – Bikram

Of all the postures in the standing series, this one can be the most challenging. It requires determination and focus but the pay off? So many benefits!

Your overall strength and muscle tone will increase tremendously building equal amounts of strength AND flexibility through the hips, pelvis, shoulders and torso. Whichever quality your body needs you will feel in this tremendously powerful posture. Just do the best you can and remember to breathe.

Ultimately in any yoga posture, the more you are willing to work, the easier it will become.

8 important Points to help make Triangle easier

  • Take a big step, 4 feet minimum!

Many people especially when they start, don’t take a wide enough step. Look how wide apart Brandon’s legs are in the pic on the right.

  • In the set up, stretch your arms apart and lift your chest up

This engages your core. Your upper body support starts from your core – your whole pelvis is included. Think of sucking the whole area up. Not just in. Your pelvic floor will thank you in years to come. 🙂

  • Moving into the posture, when you move your arms, JUST move your arms, don’t let your whole torso collapse to the side. This way you will use your core from the start to support your upper body and your upper body strength will improve. But we’ll not lie to you, it’s going to be hard in the beginning.
  • Have a sneaky peak in the mirror at your arms. They should be in one line, that’s what you are aiming for. Why? Because that means you are really stretching down the side of your torso from the hip right up to your fingertips.
  • Gently push your knee back with the elbow. Keeping the fingers between your big and second toe will start this happening.
  • Can’t touch your toes? Quick check in the mirror to see if you are you sitting down low enough. You’ll get there with perseverance. If you struggle to get down, widen your step. 20150717_101930 (Copy)
  • Look up to the ceiling and TOUCH your chin to your shoulder. Tuck the chin in more to get this connection. Best remedy for stiff necks!

Now you are in the posture, keep your breath flowing and keep stretching UP. The upward stretch will naturally instigate the downward stretch.

  • The straight leg should be lovely and strong and locked out. Triangle builds strong legs. Bikram says you should be able to do this posture on ice! It will build tone and strength especially in the inner thighs. On the way to building this strength, you are going to feel things. Keep breathing and keep smiling.

Benefits of Triangle Posture

  • An excellent cardiovascular workout, with very little movement.
  • Increases stability
  • Tones arms, abdomen and thighs
  • Builds better overall body alignment through strengthening of the legs
  • Intensely stretches the side of the body
  • Lengthens the spine, opens the torso and broadens the shoulders which allows proper function of other physiological systems (cardiovascular, digestive etc.)
  • Reduce saddle bags
  • Good for frozen shoulder
  • Helps regulate hormone levels
  • Helps to build awareness of hunger, helping with eating disorders
  • Helps with: constipations, colitis, low blood pressure, appendicitis, spondylitis, menstrual disorders
  • Helps to balance adrenal glands and the production of the stress hormone, cortisol