Rowena HeadSHot

I was first introduced to yoga In 1995 as part of her performing arts & acting degree. I hated it and thought it was boring & pointless!

During my years working professionally in the performing arts industry I developed an eating disorder and rheumatoid arthritis which rendered me crippled, unable to work and in the depths of despair.  In 2003 I found Bikram Yoga.It turned my life around 360 degrees! I embarked on teacher training in Spring 2005 and have never looked back!

I continued to return to teacher trainings and was invited to assist on the staff in 2006 while learning the advanced series with Bikram, Emmy Cleaves and my mentor Jason Winn. I was hand selected to staff the first Hawaiian TT in Spring 2007 & went on to manage the whole staff team and become Bikram’s PA & second head of education in the Mexico TT in 2008. I also led the advanced classes during the teacher trainings for visiting teachers.

In between trainings I was the assistant to many senior teachers including Jason Winn, Emmy Cleaves & Craig Villani during their global seminars & retreats. Bikram then sent me to Mumbai, India in 2008 to open and manage the first Bikram Studio in his home country.

I am the only two time Australian Asana Yoga Champion. I represented Australia in the world championships in 2007 & 2011. I run workshops, retreats and have mentored teachers both nationally & internationally as well as assisting the running of the recertification program in Mexico in 2008.

I am an avid practitioner – you will see me sporting my Anahata unitard in the front row daily.

” Bikram Yoga is life and I am so proud to teach & share my love of this incredible series with you!”