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A Deep Dive Workshop on the Hip Flexors

Saturday 3rd december 2pm – 5:30pm

Cost: $178

(includes afternoon tea)

In this deep dive workshop led by exercise therapist Phil Gardner you will receive hands-on understanding and appreciation of the hip flexors and associated muscles of the core.

You will learn:

  • How your hip flexors work – biomechanically and intuitively
  • How poorly functioning hip flexors can affect many other areas of your body
  • How to listen to the messages from your body – pain, stiffness, fatigue and  learn how to interpret them
  • Practical techniques to help improve your hip flexor function 

With permission, Phil will look into each attendee’s story – understanding injuries – old and new – to explain how they have impacted the body.  

As part of a small group Phil will teaching a range of techniques to help you understand your body and its mechanics better to help you respond more intuitively to your body as you learn to listen, identify weak areas and learn how to apply and improve the function of your hip flexors effectively.

 This is a small workshop, numbers will be strictly limited. Book now!

More about Phil …

What an excellent workshop. Phil gave me some absolute gems to help with my hips. He really knows his stuff!


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