“Bikram yoga helped me with my fitness and stress. I got stronger in multiple areas of my body and got more flexible. I thoroughly enjoyed it and will be coming back.” Lucia Posteraro – 15 yrs old

“I found some of the poses and dealing with the heat challenging but I came out of the class a lot happier and more positive and I felt relaxed. It was a positive environment and I liked that it was something different.”¬†Anonymous – 16 yrs old

“I liked the instructor, she made me believe I was really good. I found some of the backward bending stretches challenging but I believe it made me stronger. I felt really relaxed after classes and I felt more capable at school knowing I had achieved harder stuff at yoga.” Anonymous – 16 yrs old

“It was really relaxing and fun to do with my friends. I found the heat, the postures, focusing and not blinking challenging. When I did other sports, I didn’t pull muscles or get hurt that often (compared to before Bikrams). It helped me sleep so much easier and deeper. I could focus more, tolerate heat easier, hold the postures for longer and touch my toes for the first time ever.” Chloe Hines – 15 yrs old

” I thoroughly enjoyed Bikram yoga. I believe it really challenged me mentally and physically. I also preferred the postures in comparison to other yoga. I found focusing and concentrating on myself for the entire lesson challenging. My body benefited from Bikram as each week I was getting stronger and being able to stretch further. I also found it easier to “get out of my head” and into my heart. Although I have not mastered all the moves, I have been able to see myself improve each week. My focus has increased and I am able to push my body further. I have really enjoyed the experience. Thank you Jodie for teaching me. You are such an amazing and inspirational teacher!” Alex Gee – 14 yrs old