New Moon Healing : Yin Yoga with Reiki & Sound healing

New moon is a perfect time to manifest & set new intentions for a new month. Join us with 2 hours of blissful healing.

Yin Yoga with hands on Reiki healing and Sound healing from 2 Reiki masters, Yoga teachers & Sound healer practitioners Toonie & Naomi 

Events: Saturday 22nd April

New Moon Healing : Yin Yoga with Reiki & Sound healing

Saturday 22nd April | 5pm – 7pm | Toonie & Naomi

INVestment: $59

Early Bird: $50 ends 15th April


Workshop includes 

: Pranayama or breathwork technique 

: Guided meditation with Crystal singing bowls for setting intention & manifest goals

: Yin & yoga with hands on Reiki healing for deep relaxation, clearing the blockages and balance your energy body & chakras balancing. 

: Receive Sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls, Crystal singing bowls, chimes & handpan drum throughout the practice to get you into deeper relaxation, release tensions, raise your vibrations with healing sounds frequency. 

: Receive Reiki hands on healing for deep relaxation, balancing chakras & energy field, clearing blockages and manifesting goals from Tibetan Usui Reiki masters practitioners Toonie & Naomi throughout the practice 

: Herbal tea


Remember to bring:

Light Blanket | cushion | water bottle | crystal of your choice

For more details

Web: harmonyandwhole.com.au

Phone: 0423 211 667





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