After the intensity of the standing series Tree Pose helps to bring serenity and quietness in preparation for the floor series.

In the beginning Tree pose reveals how crooked and tight our bodies are.  While it seems straight forward enough in theory – the classic yoga pose – we simply cannot stand up straight. Our shoulders are uneven, are hips are squint. But over time, like a measuring stick of our progress, tree pose reveals to us in its simplicity how our yoga practice is changing our physical being. In our stillness and focus, it also reveals the changes in our mind.

When in tree pose try being still and focusing on a single point in the mirror ahead. Even if you’re feeling a little uncomfortable, your practice is to let go of attachment to the discomfort and simply BE.

  • Bring your right foot up with both hands as high as you can in front of the left thigh. Bring your right hand in front of your chest as if praying with one hand.
  • Hold tightly to your foot until you can let go without the foot slipping and bring both hands together in prayer. For some of us, we will always have to hold on to the foot
  • Using your glute muscles keep pushing your hips forward and your knee gently back. This will open the hips, activate the glutes, improve knee mobility and engage your internal oblique muscles.

Like a tree reaching from its roots to the sky, stand tall and stretch yourself upwards through a centre line in your body and up through your head.

Keep your focus. Maintain your stillness. Breathe.

According to Bikram, Tree Pose, more than any other reveals the curious differences in human flexibility.