Y26 Testimonials

 Laura Mangham, 25


laura mangham“I initially started practicing Bikram Yoga when I was 16 to calm my mind away from the stress and struggles I experienced in my final years of High School. Like most of us, young or old, we build things up and keep them trapped inside of us and this is where Bikram is my saviour, where I find my release, inner peace and strength.

I’m now 25 and the benefits Bikram yoga has provided for me are numerous. Most importantly it helps to overcome my monkey mind – which means it enables me to control my thought processes and subsequently the ability to switch on and off the ideas that come through my mind.
Bikram yoga is unique. You are performing postures in a heated room for 90 minutes. Whilst battling the heat you are simultaneously focusing and observing yourself in the mirror – each of these tasks on their own is challenging yet in unison they craft the relationship between the mind and body, allowing us to control our breath and giving us the strength and determination needed in the room as well as in our everyday life.
Nothing else matches the happiness and confidence I receive from practicing at Bikram Yoga Brookvale and surrounding myself with like-minded souls.”


Evie Sumpter, 24


evie sumpter

“I love Bikram yoga because of the amazing benefits I can see and feel it has on my body and mind. I’ve dabbled in many types of yoga since my first class in my teens, and yet I always come back to Bikram. The heat allows me to really open up and helps my flexibility. It also makes me sweat buckets which makes me feel like I’m getting a really good workout. But the biggest reason I come back is for my mind.

I’m a bit of a worry-wart. I get stressed and anxious about everything. Going through a double-degree at uni my mind was constantly running at a million miles per hour. It would take me houuurssss to get to sleep at night. I would lay in bed, staring at the ceiling, my mind running through all the things I had done that day, all the things that needed to be done tomorrow, and all the things that could potentially need to be done in the future. After only a week at Bikram, there was a noticeable difference in my sleeping. I was finally able to close my eyes, switch off and think about absolutely nothing. I learnt how to do this whilst in class, during the hour and a half where I’m focusing so much on the heat, getting through the postures and listening to the dialogue, that there’s no room in my brain to be thinking about anything else!