Mindfulness and Bikram Yoga

Bikram says your mind is a bad neighbourhood. You should stay out of it! Being in the present moment and thinking less is life changing. Most of the thoughts that we have in a day we had yesterday and the day before. They are automatic, habitual and unconscious. The more negative thoughts you have, the more you will continue to have. It can become a downward spiral.

Through concentration and mindfulness of your own mind during your practice you learn to see your negative thoughts and let go of them. You will learn to identify outdated thought patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you.

Bikram Yoga evolves the whole being uncovering your latent potential. Every aspect of the practice is designed to bring you ultimately to your true self.

How does Bikram Yoga bring you to your true self?

  • Decreases the activity of the sympathetic nervous system (fight or flight response)
  • Balances negative brain chemistry through breath and asanas
  • Increases energy channels and bodymind connection through regular practice
  • Releases suppressed emotions

One of the most rewarding aspects of your Bikram practice is savasana. As you lie still with a soft gaze and focus on your breath this mindful state allows you to practice awareness and presence.

When you live a mindless life you will react unconsciously to events around you. As you work to become mindful, you respond with awareness to the world.  You can centre yourself at will and find a place of stillness and peace within no matter what is going on.

You will find the courage to let go of your negative thoughts and inner conflicts, to see the world from an expanded perspective. This is your true self.

A regular practice will bring increased optimism, happiness and wellbeing. Happy smiling faces are a by-product of Bikram Yoga!


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How to get the Most from Camel Pose

Camel is a physical and emotional experience.camel on beach

When you get to camel your spine is warm and strengthened and ready to bend back with all the openness and vulnerability it demands. Your mind is open and receptive. Camel builds deep courage and trust.

Physically Camel Pose creates maximum compression of the spine which stimulates the nervous system. It also improves flexibility of the neck and spine, relieves backache and helps degenerative spinal problems such as kyphoscoliotic deformities and cervical spondylosis. Camel works to stimulate the thyroid and parathyroid glands. It flushes blood through the kidneys, regulating blood pressure and reducing excess stress hormones

How to set up Camel

Knees and feet 6 inches apart so you have a good solid base. In the beginning it may hurt even to stand on your knees, you’re getting used to this in the yoga though! Over time we promise that discomfort will pass.
Hands are at back of your hips with fingers facing down and thumbs out. This might feel a little tight in the beginning, because you are gently stretching deltoids and pecs, opening your shoulders.

The teacher will tell you to take a deep breath, push your hips forward and drop your head back. Take that breath! It lifts your chest as you bend back and push forward.
Now pause for a second with hands on hips. Then go for your heels, one hand at a time. In the beginning leaning back to try and search for your heels may feel a little scary. Always do one hand at a time. Thumbs out, fingers inside your foot.

Keep the left hand on your back till you find your right heel. When you grab your heel then you can lean into the left heel and grab it with your left hand.

If you tried but you can’t grab yet, stay in the first part of the posture with both hands on your back. Head dropped back and pushing hips forward. By staying here you get maximum benefits until you can grab your heels. Try to get your heels every time you go to class though.

When you do grab your heels for the first time it’s a great feeling. Now the hard work starts!

Constantly pushing your stomach, legs and hips forward to the mirror rather than leaning back on the heels will work to create 360 degree back bending. This creates strength and mobility in your spine. It will massage the organs in your abdominal area and begin to stretch the muscles across the hips.
Squeezing your bum – your glute muscles – is the key to get your stomach, legs and hips forward.
Keep your neck and head relaxed and eyes looking back, even into your forehead to encourage maximum opening in the throat.

The dizziness you might experience as a beginner is completely normal so try not to get anxious. Keep pushing your hips forward and breathing. The dizziness will pass.

Challenging as it might be, try to stay in the posture for the full duration.

Coming out the Posture
Although it’s tempting to rush, don’t! How you come out of the posture is just as important. One hand at a time back to the spine, ease yourself up – head up last. Don’t fling your head up.

Coming out of a deep back-bend, don’t be surprised if you experience a flood of emotions, possibly teariness, relief, disorientation, euphoria, peace. Camel is a huge heart opener, so be warned – you might just burst into tears although you don’t feel unhappy.

After Camel you move into Rabbit to create the most perfect spinal balance.


Amrei Posture Refinement Q&A Seminar

A former Australian champion, Amrei has been practising Bikram yoga since 2001 and has taught over 6,000 classes across EuropAmrei corrected postere, America, Asia and Australia. She is considered an authority in the Bikram Yoga world.

Since 2009, Amrei has coached and judged students competing both in Australia and internationally. She is Australia’s head judge and international judge for the IYSF (International Yoga Sports Federation).

Her passion for and knowledge of Bikram yoga is astounding and she has a unique ability to inspire others, from the complete beginner to the experienced student. Amrei believes that everyone can experience the healing benefits of Bikram Yoga. She specialises in injury recovery and pain management.
In her Q&A each posture will be explored and coached in detail. This is an opportunity to ask questions and improve your practice, there will be time to rest and take notes between postures. The seminar will be extremely beneficial to every level of practitioner, including beginners, whether you wish to deepen your practice or find relief from chronic pain.


Beginners’ Essentials Workshop: How to get what you Need from Bikram Yoga

There are literally millions of people across the earth who get what they need most from their own Bikram Yoga Practice.  As you start your  Bikram journey, you may feel challenged along the way.  Don’t worry, we are here to help you!

Jodie will host a workshop, targeted specifically to new students and students returning after a long break.

I’m brand new. Is this for me?
Yes! It is aimed 100% at you! This 90 minute workshop is designed for newer students to help you understand the yoga, how it works and how to get Bikram Yoga to work most effectively for YOU.

Not new, still struggling?
If you are back from a break, this will give you tools, teach you new habits and a true insight into how and why this yoga is so effective.

Who is Jodie?

Jodie is our Brookvale studio owner and the most experienced Bikram Yoga teacher in Australia. in 1998 at the age of 26, she opened the very first Australian owned Bikram studio in Harbord. She has taught tens of thousands of people and travels the world sharing her passion and knowledge.

You can catch a Jodie class Mondays 5:30pm, Tuesdays 3:45pm, Friday 9:30am and Saturdays 8am. Her class is truly magical.

What’s it all about?
Jodie will explain HOW every aspect of Bikram Yoga is designed to help you improve physically, manage chronic health problems, improve your mental wellbeing and help your entire system to function more effectively.

You will learn exactly HOW Bikram Yoga can give you what you NEED. You can ask any questions or address any concerns you might have.

Is Bikram Yoga part of your New Year Resolution?
As part of this workshop our resident nutritionist and naturopath Layla Metcalfe  will talk about how to use food and nutrition to boost your Bikram and help get the results you’d like to see. This will include taste testers plus a Q & A session.

Beginner Essentials:
“How to get what you Need from Bikram Yoga”

with Jodie Petersen and Layla Metcalfe
Saturday 21st January 2017
10:30am – 12 noon

$20 (free to newcomers on the KickAsana INTRO Offer)

Book and pay for your spot here or sign up at the front desk.


Yoga Essentials: The Core Revisited

In the yoga room, we are continually being told to “suck your stomach in”. What does that actually mean and why is it so important? Do you REALLY know?

We ran a Core workshop 6 months and it was hugely popular.

  • If you think you have a “weak core”…
  • If you suffer from lower back pain …
  • If you aren’t even sure what your core is ….
  • If you are very new to Bikram and want to start the RIGHT way…
  • If you want to delve deeper into your postures….

This is the workshop for you!

Brookvale Teacher and National Yoga Champion, Kash Bazil has a special passion for working with the core Kash Bioand teaching her students how to learn to engage this area.

“From my personal experience, once I nailed the core, it changed my whole practice.” 

Kash will start the morning with a one hour workshop on the core. This will be followed by a 90 minute Bikram class targeting how to focus on your core in each of your postures to immediately consolidate and apply the workshop knowledge.


Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity!  Book here now.


Phee’s Happy Hamstrings Workshop


“Tight hamstrings” is a common complaint, especially amongst runners, footy players, netballers, in fact most of us!
Teacher Phee Voyazis is running a 90 minute intensive workshop for anybody who wants to know how to work effectively in the yoga room to help release those tight hammies.

Learn proper technique in your postures. Understand how everything is linked in your body and some surprising facts about hamstrings.
Phee’s technical knowledge and understanding of Bikram Yoga is renowned. She has been teaching since 2006, is a National Yoga Champion (2008) and has competed internationally 3 times and is an absolute stickler for doing things “the right way” to get the most from your own yoga practice.

This workshop will be very popular so don’t wait till the last minute.
Happy Hamstrings Workshop is $35 for everybody whether it’s your first few classes or your 10 years down the yoga track – you will learn so much.

Book your space right here now and reserve YOUR SPOT today!



The Odyssey Project for Beginners

Would you like to give yourself a major overhaul, improve your mental wellbeing, get the courage to make changes in your life or to deepen your physical yoga practice and become fitter, leaner and more at ease in your body and mind?

Bikram’s Brookvale’s Odyssey Project is your opportunity to tap into the real potential of Bikram Yoga physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.

Starting 10th September till 5th November (8 weeks) the Odyssey Project will take you on your own personal journey. You will be 100% supported through the 8 weeks by our coaches and by your fellow Odyssey participants.

The Odyssey coaches will be teacher Paula and our studio owner Jodie.
Our commitment is to help you find the most from your yoga practice and how it can help in your daily life. We will work closely with each of you on your goals. We will mentor, guide and support. We will be there for you!

What does Odyssey involve?

  • A pre-Odyssey one-on-one chat with an Odyssey coach to establish what YOU want to achieve and design a plan to set this in motionPractice a MINIMUM of 3 classes a week from the regular timetable (choose from 34 classes/week)
  • Attend a one hour Odyssey Briefing  Sat 3 Sep 10am
  • Attend 3 posture workshops Sat 10 Sep, Sat 8 Oct  & Sat 5 Nov 10 am – 1pm

Each workshop will deepen your understanding of the many layered aspects of Bikram Yoga. You will go into each of the major postures. You will learn why and how, there will be opportunities to discuss and question. There will be personal correction, adjustments that you can take to the room in your practice.
You will also learn about the lineage and philosophy of Bikram Yoga.

How much?
The 8 week Odyssey Project is $350 per person (includes unlimited yoga, all workshops, personal coaching and support, regular communication, feedback)

If you are on direct debit or an unlimited yoga pass, Odyssey is just $150 for all 3 workshops, personal coaching, regular communication, feedback.20160706_160318

There are just 20 spots.
If you would like to join us, please call on 9907 4960 to register and guarantee your spot by paying $100 (non-refundable) deposit. This will of course go towards final payment, due on 28th August.
Your place on Odyssey is secured when your deposit has been paid. We will waitlist after the first 20 spots are filled.
Thank you – I am so excited!


The Story of the Tin Woman who fixed her broken knees (and broken heart)

This is the story of Kassie who has a lot of challenges in her life. Kassie sees herself as a bit of a rough diamond. She’s 53, works in child-care, is a divorced mother of two and grandmother of one.

How did you hear about Bikram Yoga?

I was introduced to it by a gym instructor.

When did you start Bikram Yoga?

I started in 2006 at the age of 42 because I had a very, very busy mind and no flexibility. I was a bit of a gym junkie and I needed to try and learn to be still. My 32 year marriage had ended and I was devastated.  I needed to sort myself out, I was broken.

You had a serious ski-ing accident last year. What happened?

I had such a bad accident I was off work for a year. I blew out both my knees’ ACLs, fractured both my patellas (knee caps) and tore the medial meniscii in both.  I really was a mess.

When did you come back to yoga?

So my accident was Feb 2015, and I was operated on very soon after. I came back in June 2016, 8 weeks after my second operation.

How often are you coming?

3 times a week

What was it like when you first came back?20160713_103847

Before the accident, I was pretty flexible and strong. I found it quite easy in the room, if I’m honest**. But coming back, I could barely stand up in the room. I couldn’t even lift my arms up, they felt like lead! But by the end of the first class back, I felt that I’d been hit by the yoga bus but I was back. I was smiling, I felt soooo good!!

So how were the knees?

I couldn’t do any kind of cardio at all, so yoga was really, really good because it was getting my heart rate up. In the beginning it was so painful even to put my weight on my knees, I would always start the pose correctly though and go to where I could go.  The teachers talk about “red light” pain and I followed their guidance and felt so safe to just move little by little to where I could. Some days were better than others but I understand from experience that every day is a different practice and I always feel so blessed to be walking in the room and know that long term, the knees are really getting better.  Plus I’ve been back 3 weeks and I’ve lost 3 kgs which is also helping my knees.

My specialists have told me that a lot of the pain is caused by the scarring and doing my yoga the pain would lessen.

The most important posture for you Kassie?

I did 12 months of rehab but I feel that I’m gaining more benefits from coming to yoga 3 times a week. The standing balancing postures are very hard for me but I know that they are the most important because they are rebuilding all the muscles around the knee, especially the VMO which stabilises the whole knee joint.

Did you find that stillness you were looking for?

I was learning the stillness before, but having the accident and feeling so blessed to be back in the room and back at work after a year in rehab at Delmar Hospital, 4 days a week, it felt easy to be still. That might not make sense but the accident put things in perspective, the ego went because I just felt so blessed to be in the land of the living!

Your mum has been ill for quite a few years. Tell me about that Kassie.

Mum’s been in a nursing home for 4 years in a vegetative state, she’s only 74. She was diagnosed with dementia at 50. That’s another reason I keep doing yoga. I’m 53.

How does the yoga help you handle what you are going through with your mum?

Mum can’t speak or use any part of her body. I feel like I’ve lost her but she’s still here. When I’m in the yoga room the outside world stops and I’m just there working on a particular pose. I really do understand now that it is a 90 minute meditation. I don’t think about the heat. I don’t think about the people around me, I’m facing my demons looking in the mirror just being in the moment.

What do you mean facing the demons?

I have a skin disease called vitiligo, it’s a loss of pigment brought on by a lot of trauma in my life. After the accident my skin got worse. Now that I’m practicing yoga again and feeling calm, my skin is improving.

Anything else you love about the yoga Kassie?

I met the man of my dreams here!!

Besides helping with your knee recovery, what has been the biggest thing Bikram Yoga has given you?


My journey in this life is having faith in myself.  Learning to love myself, it’s
good to be different, but I feel different because of my skin and I’ve got to learn to accept my difference and be OK with it.  At home I avoid mirrors so looking in the mirror in the room is very confronting and I didn’t used to ever look in it. Now, I stare that mirror down!




Interview with Kim MacKechnie

July 2016

**Maybe you recognise Kassie from this backbending video we posted on Facebook. This was pre-accident.


The Story of My first 31 Day Challenge

When I did my first Bikram Challenge in 2006 I had been doing Bikram yoga for 5 years, coming a couple of times a week. I didn’t see myself as a sporty person, I certainly wasn’t a bendy person, I was just an ordinary, not very brave, mother of a 6 month old girl who wanted to get fit, toned and strong again and handle my new job (motherhood!).  I had no plans to do Bikram yoga every day for 31 days. But I am very very glad I did!  I wrote this at the time and unearthed it on my PC last week. So here’s how it happened and the story of my challenge…

Why I did a Challenge

The day before I started this challenge, I wouldn’t have believed I could have

Just before the Challenge

Just before the Challenge

done it.  Not only because of the logistics of physically getting to class every day (in fact that would be an excuse not a reason), but because I couldn’t imagine how I would cope with being in that hot room every day, every single day, not one break, for an entire month.

But when Jodie asked if I’d do the official challenge the school was running later in the year, I had to say yes, because she was giving me NO EXCUSES.  Jodie accepts nothing less than your best!  And so the seed was sown. Then that same day I mentioned it to a friend and she suggested I start the challenge that very day rather than waiting, I thought well, I’ve already done the 6am, I’m one class down.  The hardest thing in life is making a decision.

Once I’d committed to doing it, that was it, I was DOING IT.  There was no going back, there were no excuses, I was going to go every day for 31 days.  The first few days were pretty tough, not in the classroom but in my head.  I found it difficult to sleep, I think I was anxious about what I’d taken on. I was doing yoga postures in my sleep, and unfortunately it wasn’t savasana! 

I had no expectations about what to expect from the challenge.  I suppose secretly I hoped that I would lose weight and that my standing bow would be almost the standing splits.  Well anyway, I lost weight…..

I just went every day, there was no time to not look forward to going, like I did when I was going 2-3 times a week.  There was no option.  I couldn’t say, oh, I’m too tired, too busy, too lazy.  So that was good because it took the daily decision out of going.  In some ways it made the act of going to practice easier because I didn’t have to think about it.  And when I was in the class, the classes were definitely better, more consistently focused and stronger.

I saw some changes immediately.  My balancing poses for instance.   My balance just got better.  Interestingly in the last 3 -4 days of the challenge it all went pear-shaped.  Have no expectations.

Pranayama was better, I didn’t hate it anymore, it really felt like set up for class.

The Shock of Trying to do Things the Right Way!

Other things took a while.  I’ve never kept my heels together properly in the spine-strengthening series. And fortunately (in hindsight), Jodie pointed out this to me in no uncertain terms on day 2 –

“Why are your heels not together?” I think she said.  I think I apologized!

So now I had a focus and oh, man was that tough.  To keep my heels together for me, with my hips and legs the way they were, felt like trying to rotate them so that my knee-caps faced the ceiling, but without the pain.  It just felt weird.  But I persevered, despite the humiliation of no longer being able to soar like an aeroplane or curve my spine like a cobra. Like anyone’s looking at me!

Cobra was the biggest shock.  If I genuinely kept my heels together, I could barely get anything off the ground anymore, let alone my floating rib.  So for a few days, there I was on the floor barely moving, and then one day, I think Kaz was teaching and she got me to move my hands down a little, it suddenly clicked into place.  It was like my legs and hips went “Oh, you want me to do THIS!!” and I came up to where I used to be able to go, and my legs felt strong and powerful and my heels were still together!  YEAH!!

It began to occur to me that perhaps a lot of my physical “problems” were linked to this little quirky thing, that maybe wasn’t so little after all. That just keeping my heels together would start to fix my continually pulled hamstring, my squint hips, my sore shoulder and neck.

How Things started to Change

Over the 31 days, I gradually began to feel muscles in the legs working to help me, and supporting my back as it used its huge muscles to raise my torso up.

Despite practicing for 5 years, I’d always hated, feared the belly-down series.  I felt like a lead weight.  Now in my challenge, I really did feel like I had Denise’s helium balloons lifting me up.  I could breathe in the postures, I wasn’t just holding on, waiting for that beautiful word “change”.

The dialogue became more important to me, because I really was there with a purpose.  I had 31 days to change my world!  And when I listened, I learnt so much.  Often in the past I realized I’d switched off, because I knew what I was doing (allegedly!) and just put myself through the paces, but I’m learning loads by learning to listen.  Here’s a few things I need to remember:

  • In back bending poses, lift your heart up to the ceiling and imagine your shoulder blades are being wrapped around your spine.  Think of stretching the front of your body, don’t just focus on the bend in your back.
  • In Locust pose, Alex reminded us that single leg lifts are warm-ups for the double leg lift pose.  If you can get one leg that high, there’s no reason you can’t get both up. That’s the theory anyway!
  • I’ve really started to watch my hips in poses like Eagle, Tree and standing separate Leg stretching (coming down), to make sure my hips are aligned. In fact also Standing head to knee.
  • Standing and floor Bow I realized that I didn’t really really kick back.  I heard “equal and opposite” but I was thinking more about the arm than the leg because I used to not think about the arm at all.  So I started kicking back and felt much more balanced and grounded in the earth, rather than flailing slightly above it!

Some Notes from my Challenge Diary

Day 2 “Class was strange – I was obsessed with my horrible doughy stomach – has it always looked that bad?….Felt intensely aware that I have 29 more classes to get through. Not a great thought!”

Day 5 “still feeling really tired, despite 12 hours in bed! Going to increase magnesium. I nevertheless had a lovely class with very good focus…”

Day 6 “Today for the first time I feel quite confident about the challenge. I think I’ve settled into it a bit and believe it is possible.”

Day 7 “Today I actually feel normal – better than, I feel great!”

Day 8 “I’m sleeping fine now.”

Day 11 “I noticed today that when I stand my head tips slightly to the left.”

Day 13  ”Tonight’s class was HOT. I mean I got through it and possibly my aches make my stamina less, but mentally, I found it really hard. Definitely hardest since start. My neck and shoulder was really aching this morning. I resorted to denkorub and was overjoyed with the improvement but in class I felt it aching, especially after half tortoise.”

Day 14  “Stiffest class yet…I was so stiff though, which was weird considering I was in a class only 12 hours before….I’ve felt very energized all day too.  Probably best yet. ”

Day 16  “I don’t feel like I’m much better in the poses, but I feel more able to focus on the poses and me, my body, in them – rather than just getting through the class.”

Day 17 “I have had a great day energy wise.  I feel bouncy and light and have been busy and inspired.”

Day 18 ”My body feels like it’s turned a corner.”

Day 19 “I feel completely comfortable with yoga everyday now. In fact I enjoy it and look forward to challenging my body and mind.  I think I’ll miss it when it’s over!”

Day 22 “My upper back, around my scapula, was aching a week ago, in fact on and off during the entire challenge.  Now it’s OK.  The shoulder/neck pain I always got after half tortoise, camel and rabbit – NO MORE!”

Day 25  ”I occasionally get this peace come over me in class…it’s the 90 minute meditation Bikram talks about.  It’s not easy.  I can’t try and do it; in fact, it’s the opposite.  I have to try and let go.  Don’t think just do. Don’t analyse, listen to the dialogue.”

Day 27 “Two in one day!  The thought of it was much worse than the reality. 6.00 was fine, so NOT hot.  Tonight however was sweltering and although therefore much harder, so much more satisfying.  My energy wasn’t great…but I didn’t pull my shoulder and I feel great now.”

Day 28 “Ugh. Had been expecting a good class but was worst in challenge.  Lay out of 3 sets.  Was just so not coping, it was weird. I expected after 28 days – Well the lesson is to have NO expectations.  It is all a journey!  I felt fantastic for the rest of the day of course.”

Day 29 “My balance wasn’t great tonight. Perhaps standing in the middle of the room – too much pressure to perform! Also, now I’m near the end of the challenge.  I feel more like I did when I went 2 days/week.  I know my postures have changed, but mentally I’m a bit back to normal.”

Day 30 “I’ve really learnt that, just because I’d done yoga every day for 31 days, it won’t make my practice any better than the person next to me, than the day before, it makes me understand ME more.  That’s all.  It’s the same leg you’re balancing on as the night before, so why is it stronger/weaker than then?  It’s the MIND.”

11 July 06

After the Challenge

Day 31 LAST DAY “So I walked out at the end of the class and just wanted to cry.  I never expected this emotion. It was like complete relief, combined with disbelief that I’d done it.  And pride.  But I felt like a shell.  Like I’d been holding it all together for 31 days, and now I could just LET GO. Which is I suppose, the thing I always want to be able to do.  So Bikram fixed that?! I sat in the corner outside and sobbed quietly.  I really wanted to sob loudly, but I waited till I was in the car to do that!

Gosh I felt different.  I think it was elation.  I felt this absolute sense of achievement, there was no question I’d done something I never thought I could do.  I felt calm, satisfied – peaceful.  I’d reached my goal!

In my diary there is a lot of talk about the pains I was suffering.  There was always something bothering me, but they all worked their way out, as long as I was aware in my practice.  Sometimes it was a pain from using a part of my body I hadn’t used much, so more of an ache.  Sometimes it was a genuine pain, but I really had to address what I was doing with my body in my practice to cause it, because I know it’s not the postures themselves causing the pain, it’s the way I use my body.  So for instance, in pranayama, I would raise my shoulders, not just my torso, and ended up with aching shoulders.  So for a while, I just didn’t bring my elbows up as high, while I retrained my body how to relax my shoulders and lift my whole body up more.


Looking back I realise that doing this challenge changed everything about the yoga for me. I honestly never thought I could do Bikram Yoga every day, and I certainly never thought I could become a Bikram Yoga Teacher, although in my deepest heart, I realise that I really really wanted to. The challenge changed me to the point where, 3 years later I felt brave enough to see my heart and follow my heart. In November 2010 I qualified as a Bikram Yoga Teacher.  This yoga has really and truly changed things about me I didn’t know you could change.

Ten years on, I’m now 47 and my yoga practice has continued to grow and change me – physically, emotionally. I don’t practice every day, but I do make sure I practice 3 – 4 times every week. As I’ve got older it feels even more important for my overall health (back, hips, especially I feel if I don’t practice) and I can honestly say that I feel better now than I did when I was 28. No doubt! However cliched it sounds, we say it because it’s true – I am SO grateful that I have found this yoga. I don’t believe there is anything quite like it.

Kim MacKechnie

May 2016


Yoga Essentials: The Core … get to know it, understand it and use it

In the yoga room, we are continually being told to “suck your stomach in”.  What does that actually mean and why is it so important? Do you REALLY know?

If you think you have a “weak core”… If you suffer from lower back pain … If you aren’t even sure what your core is …. if you want to delve deeper into your postures….

This is the workshop for you!

Brookvale Teacher and National Yoga Champion, Kash Bazil has a special passion for working with the core Kash Bioand teaching her students how to learn to engage this area.

“From my personal experience, once I nailed the core, it changed my whole practice.” 

Kash will start the morning with a one hour workshop on the core. This will be followed by a 90 minute Bikram class targeting how to focus on your core in each of your postures to immediately consolidate and apply the workshop knowledge.

This workshop will be in the Youth Room and be limited to 20 people.

Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity!  Book here now.

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