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Hanya Remedial Massage

At Hanya Massage Therapy, we offer a range of massage treatments, including Remedial Massage, Deep TissueHanya Remedial MassageMassage, Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage and Swedish Massage.

We cater to clients from North Sydney, Northern Beaches, Manly, Sydney CBD – all seeking remedial massage for sports related stress as well as deep relaxation of over-used muscle groups.

Our massages will provide you with a deep muscular release as well as with a total relaxation of your body, mind, and spirit. Each massage treatment includes the placement and application of hot stones to assist the process of relaxation and healing.

About Michelle

Michelle is our fantastic in-house Remedial Massage Therapist with years experience and here for YOUMichelle Ivins!
Whether you’re suffering from sports related injuries or general stress related aches and pains, Michelle offers you a Full Body Rejuvenation.
Michelle uses the perfect combination of varying pressure, steady flow and skilled massage techniques with her focus on leaving you physically and mentally uplifted and restored.
Michelle is passionate about Massage, Bikram Yoga and Exercise in general and is currently undertaking a Bachelor Degree in  Exercise Sports Science.
Experience Michelle’s healing hands and warmed riverstones for total body rejuvenation.
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What is a Remedial Massage and why do I need one?

Everyone has muscle tightness at various times and there are some people who have muscle tightness all of the time.

Perhaps your work requires many hours over a computer – in this case the muscles in the front of your chest will become short and overused, over-stretching your upper back and shoulders muscles placing them in a compromised and weakened position.This results in a classic posture imbalance causing chronic neck and upper back tightness and restricted range of motion.

Alternatively, after an intense physical workout, specific muscles may feel tight and sore because they have been overused.

In both instances we will utilize remedial massage techniques and the use of hot stones to locate and repair these damaged and overused muscles, working deeply to release adhesions and tightness whilst elongating each muscle to its original length and improving overall muscle function.

Hanya Hot Stones MassageWhy use Hot Stones in a Massage?

One of the most important aspects of any massage is increased blood circulation. Throughout each hot stones massage treatment we apply onto your body and massage with our warmed river stones (hot stones), infusing those deeply knotted muscles with a fresh rush of blood & oxygen/nutrients.

Application of hot stones in your massage melts away the tension in muscles three times faster than a regular massage.

How Remedial Massage compliments Yoga

Remedial Massage is a natural complement to yoga, and vice versa. As you move through your practice you will notice ever changing muscular resistances and imbalances. Regular remedial massages together with hot stones will help release thesespecific problem areas and in turn strengthen your asanas.

How often should I receive a Massage?

Every client is unique and responds at varying rates to each hot stones massage treatment. Progress made during a remedial massage treatment is building on the progress made in a prior massage.

Chronic conditions will initially require regular massage treatments to make consistent gains. We will be able to advise you regarding frequency of follow-up treatments during your first remedial massage.


Remedial Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Sports Massage, Pregnancy Massage, & Swedish Massage
Hot Stones are incorporated in every massage

60 minute massage treatment = $100
90 minute massage treatment = $130

Accredited Health Fund Provider

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