Yoga Practice Philosophies:

  • Best results practise minimum 3 times per week
  • Remember it takes 21 days to break a habit
  • Work hard and try best to do postures 100% right way
  • No shortcuts or path of least resistance
  • Right way is the hard way
  • Create discomfort – test edge – but no red light pain
  • Don’t give up. Have faith. Trust the process.

Every Posture:

  • Stretch up/lengthen/elongate Spine
  • Suck stomach in and hold it in!
  • As we get older, it’s so important to stretch our spine to minimise the compression in our discs

Half Moon:

  • Stretch spine up separating every vertebrae, joint and cartilage warming up the spine
  • Continually stretching up also keeps the spine straight
  • Lock knees
  • Weight in the heels enables continual lifting up of the spine

Backward Bend:

  • Best posture to gain and maintain spine health – this will fix your spine
  • Give the backbends 100%
  • Take a deep breath to lift spine, preventing crunching into lower spine
  • Lift whole body out of hips lengthen spine
  • Lift UP to minimise curve in spine
  • Weight in heels again, improves spine lift and chest expansion
  • Relax head back and arms go back with ears
  • Hips forward

Awkward 1st part:

This is “total spine backward bending”

  • Sit down more and stick your bum out towards the back wall
  • Lift chest up more
  • Suck stomach in more to work core strength
  • Lock arms and elbows
  • Weight more back in heels

Awkward 2nd part:

  • Higher on the toes
  • Spine always long
  • Continually stretching up
  • The speed you come down at – should be such that it keeps spine straight and stays higher on toes
  • Use your stomach to straighten spine, if spine is forward, stomach is not sucked in enough
  • Don’t lean back/forward – stretch up for a straight spine

Awkward 3rd:

  • Most of the benefits in this posture are when you are coming in and going out
  • Core strength to straighten spine
  • Squeeze knees strong quads helps keep spine straight


  • Sit down lower in chair
  • Lift spine up more feel it in the low lumbar region of spine
  • Chest up but don’t compromise hips down
  • Keep hips down there whilst lifting leg to aid compression and open hips freeing lower spine
  • Use hands to pull foot around, if necessary
  • Remember the right way is the hard way
  • With heat, practice and perseverance it will come