Massage & Movement Therapist

Hi I’m Laura Kavanagh and welcome to ithrive. At ithrive, I practice a unique fusion of bodywork and movement therapy based on the Joanne Elphinston Movement System (JEMS).

Why work with me?

I help people to find freedom from pain and injury by expanding their movement options. To illustrate, imagine you’re sweating and straining up a hill on your bike in top gear. It’s a grind, your muscles are maxed out, you’ve got the death wobbles and you’re not sure how much longer you’re going to be able to keep it up without crashing. Then someone comes along and reminds you how to shift down in gears. Sweet relief! You can turn your legs over faster, regain your equilibrium and maybe even begin to admire the view!Laura Headshot

So much of the pain and injury I see is a result of people forgetting the breadth of movement options available to them. They get stuck grinding in top gear, trying to use the same strategy in all the varying movement opportunities in their work, sport and life. More often than not, the site of pain is simply the area that is under the most load – the preferred site of initiation, the point they fix from to stabilise other parts, the more coordinated leg, or the most mobile point in a hypo-mobile chain.

Rarely is the pain point itself, the point that ultimately needs addressing. And yet, so often we fall into the trap of rubbing the sore spot and hoping for the best.

My training as a JEMS practitioner, gives me the skills to zoom out and see the bigger picture your body and movement choices reveal. Using a deeply practical set of movement tests, we can quickly identify the persistent postural and movement preferences that may be limiting you. Fundamentals such as breathing, balance, support over a single leg and rotation are absolutely key to moving well and commonly addressed. But there is also scope to get very specific to your personal movement and performance goals. Power, propulsion, speed and momentum control are just some of the specific skills you might like help to develop.

JEMS exercises include a balanced mix of awareness and proprioception activities, high and low threshold exercises and balance challenges. This diversity provides your body and mind with an opportunity to change gears, to explore new possibilities, and to use yourself in a more efficient, sustainable way.

Whatever your goals, JEMS is practiced with a spirit of exploration, rather than a sense of right or wrong. A JEMS practitioner asks questions rather than gives commands. A process of enquiry that guides you to sense yourself more accurately, liberating you to release unwanted tension, and free yourself up for new movement experiences.

JEMS empowers to be a better mover everyday by allowing you to know your own body intimately.

So I hope this has piqued your interest. I consider it a huge privilege to share this practical, holistic, exploratory work with people. I look forward to helping you rediscover your full movement potential!

To learn more or to make an appointment, visit: or call Laura : 0413 463 707
To find out more about Joanne Elphinston and JEMS visit: http://www.jemsmovement.comlaura room 3

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