Ka Huna Massage


What is Ka Huna Massage Therapy?

Ka Huna Massage SydneyKa Huna Massage is a holistic approach for healing, stress-relief and rejuvenation, for the body, mind and soul.

A Ka Huna massage is done primarily using the forearms, in long flowing strokes that can be gentle or deep tissue, and sometimes with the additional use of sound and hot stones. The intent is for healing on all levels. During the massage, music is played and the therapist moves around the table in a dance-like rhythm.

A Ka Huna full body massage is beneficial both physically as a remedial massage – if you have aching muscles – and emotionally as a relaxation massage, if you need to de-stress.  We use a variety of massage techniques including remedial massage to help relieve stress & fatigue, ease muscle tension & stiffness, revive and revitalise you.

Each massage is tailored to suit each individual client.  Prior to the massage, the therapist will talk to you about things such as your mental, emotional and physical state in order to determine what is the best treatment for you at that time.  A relaxation massage may be more appropriate for your current state of mind as opposed to a remedial massage that would be more beneficial for your physical state.

Clients are encouraged to focus on their breath during the massage. Each inhalation allows you to take in fresh energy and inspiration into the body and mind, with each exhalation helping you to rid yourself of tension and blocked energy.

Anyone can receive a Ka Huna massage, whatever your age or state of well being. Think of receiving a massage the same way you do about your yoga practice; as an essential part of taking care of yourself and your general well-being.

Ka Huna Massage Therapy and Pregnancy

Ka Huna MassageKa Huna Massage is most appropriate for those seeking a pregnancy massage for relaxation. Your body undergoes many changes during pregnancy, sometimes resulting in physical discomfort such as tight hips, lower back pain and swollen ankles.

A nurturing, relaxing full body massage can help ease the discomforts and stress of pregnancy and improve circulation with gentle flowing stokes.  This massage is a beautiful way to connect to your body and your growing baby and give you a feeling of well being and calmness in preparation for the birth.

Once your baby has been born, a Ka Huna massage is a wonderful way to rebalance your body and help you regain your energy and strength.


About Bridget

Bridget has received intensive training in Ka Huna Massage Therapy at Mettes Institute in Queensland and is accredited with ATMS & IICT.  She has also studied Reiki and Bridget has obtained a Diploma in Remedial massage in Sydney.

We only use 100% organic coconut oil.

Some Health Fund rebates apply


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“I recently enjoyed a Kahuna Massage provided by Bridget at her Kahuna Massage rooms in Brookvale, Northern Beaches. I found it to be an incredibly unique experience, completely different to any other massage treatment I have had before. It was an extremely relaxing and nurturing massage as well as being therapeutic when required. The music played during the massage treatment helped set the tone for a wonderful massage that has to be tried to be fully appreciated. At the end of the one hour kahuna massage, I didn’t want to leave, I just wanted to fall asleep. It was incredible and I will most definitely be returning for a followup kahuna massage therapy.”  G.M. – Sydney

 Services and Pricing

We are open 6 days a week with a selection of one hour, one and a half or two hour massages available. A very special Ka Huna massage available is the ‘4 hands’ massage which is two therapists working together on one client.

60 min Massage $110
90 min Massage $145
120 min Massage $190

‘4 hands massage’ – (60 min) (2 practitioners) – $190

‘4 hands massage’ – (90 min) – $260

Facial Reflexology
1 hour $110.00

Goddess Combinations:
90 min Ka Huna & Facial Reflexology $145
2 hour Ka Huna & Facial Reflexology $190
60 min Ka Huna Massage & Reiki $110
60 min Facial Reflex & Craniosacral $110