Wow ! Bikram Yoga.

My loveliest, dearest friend, after much talk, persuaded me to take my first class. She said it Helena-200x300was amazing, nothing quite like it, she was so right.

I am an outdoor person who loves to be in the ocean or running on the sand but after the initial shock I soon came to realize how incredible this yoga is for working the body, mind and spirit and now I run happily to that hot room again and again…

I am a registered nurse and have been working in mental health for 30 years, managing the symptoms of anxiety, stress, depression, trauma, grief and loss. Within the Bikram yoga system there are invaluable therapeutic benefits. I pay particular attention to the discipline of meditation and breathing. When you start to gain some control of your unruly, wild mind, habits and behaviours, you start to control your life.

Having so much faith and belief in this system, I decided to embrace teacher training in September 2010.

I teach every class with all my heart and soul because I truly believe if everybody embraced this practice there would be more love, compassion and patience in the world,

love Helly