Hatha Intermediate Class


We are excited to introduce an intermediate yoga class for regular yogis with an interest in deepening their practice.


Hatha Intermediate



Are you a yoga lover keen to take your practice to a new level? Every week in our Hatha Intermediate Yoga class you will practice some of the lesser known 84 asanas to work on a specific area of practice such as hips, spine, strengthening and balance.

Many of your favourite Bikram postures are peppered throughout the Intermediate class and you’ll also be introduced to many new, challenging and transformative postures.

In Intermediate, what is more important than being super flexible is a willingness to try, combined with a sensible knowledge of your own current limitations. 

With a regular weekly practice, prepare to be inspired. Prepare to be blown away by what you can actually do. Prepare to learn – a lot. Most of all, prepare to have a ball practising Intermediate Yoga.


Saturdays 9am – 10.15am from Saturday 25th June 2022

 Free Taster class Thursday 23rd June 12:30pm

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Bikram Yoga

A therapeutic 90 min Beginners yoga for all ages and all abilities. Absolutely no experience required

Hatha Intermediate

More challenging yoga with less heat. Open to everyone with some yoga experience. 75 min class

Individual Yoga Session

A private one on one session created for you to target specific chronic and acute injuries and conditions or deepen your practice.

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