AKA: “PG”Paula Herrington - Bikram Brookvale

I became Bikram Yoga Teacher because it completely changed my life in all aspects and I am still transforming.

When I joined Bikram Yoga, I was overweight, unfit, unhealthy and a little bit depressed.

I had suffered bouts of pneumonia and whooping cough. I had a poor immune system, couldn’t lose weight, hair loss, eczema, chronic fatigue, low blood pressure and body temperature and it goes on. I had a benign tumor in my right lobe thyroid, and a disease in the left. The right lobe was removed and I was on a high dose of Thyroxine.

After comitting to practicing a minimum of 3 times a week my health improved, I lost weight, my hair grew back, my skin is fab. Everything kicked back in line and most importantly my medication was reduced by half after the docs said it wouldn’t happen.

I left my old life in all aspects and started a completely new life that of a Bikram Yoga instructor to spread the word on how this can really improve your health and well being and to make a difference in peoples lives.

” I love my Bikram life and family. It is the best gift you can to yourself and your family. Once you know the secret you can never go back.”