Kim Wiles - Bikram BrookvaleDecember 2006 I hobbled into Bikram’s Brookvale.

I was a complete mental and physical wreck. I was suffering from career burnout, a serious thyroid condition, and a crippling chronic back condition (one step away from the knife) from years of high impact sports.

I was immediately impressed when I was greeted by name at the door.

Jodie actually remembered me  from 7 years back when I practiced briefly at the old Harbord studio. During that period of my life I wanted to add something to an already gruelling athletic schedule, I was addicted to adrenalin and didn’t stick to the yoga.

Now in hindsight I believe I just wasn’t ready for the amazing journey that was in store for me. Here I was back after 7 years and as Bikram would say I had a junk mind and garbage body but this time desperate for help.

After a few weeks I soon worked out Bikram’s was the answer and this made me willing to do whatever it took to cure myself. Jodie very simply but aptly would instruct me to put my toes on the line every day with my happy smiling face.  So I did it, and within six months I had my first miracle and shed the toxic job and saved my thyroid.  It was another 6 months before I could celebrate a healthy and pain free spine.

Wow I am so grateful to this wonderful studio, to Bikram for the Yoga, and for this Divine Arrangement, leading me to our beautiful Bikram Brookvale community.

It was 2010 when another Divine Arrangement occurred and  before I knew I was off to Las Vegas to begin my Bikram’s Yoga Teacher journey.  I am loving the opportunity to learn and grow as a student and now blessed to teach brings me into contact with amazing people, places and experiences.

” I feel humbled and blessed by having Bikram’s Yoga in my life and my hope is that I can share it with as many people as I possibly can.”