Kim - Studio Manager


In April 2001, I did my first ever Bikram class. It was 6 months after my first child was born and I Kim-Portrait.jpgwanted to start exercising again, but needed to avoid any jarring as I’d seriously damaged my knee in a ski accident in 1999 and it hadn’t been right since.

I had no idea about the benefits of Bikram Yoga when I started, I just knew from that first class that I loved it. It was hot, it was hard, but afterwards I felt like I had had the best workout ever. I felt incredibly calm, centred, and ready to take on anything! I also found my knee pain was disappearing, and the flexibility of the joint was improving hugely.

I kept on coming. I did no other form of exercise, except of course, pushing a pram. I talked about this yoga I’d found to everybody, I felt so blessed to have found it. I couldn’t believe how it helped me on so many levels.

The more I came, the more I loved it. I learnt a little something about myself, or about my postures, my life outlook, in every class. Although I rarely love being in class, I loved the challenge that it presented. Besides making me physically stronger, it has definitely made me emotionally stronger. And here was the meditation I’d always felt I needed to calm my monkey mind, wrapped up in a yoga class.

I started working in the office at the Bikram studio in March 2007, but become a teacher? No way - too hard, too hot, too difficult. Hang on, isn’t that a Bikram class defined?  Isn’t that what I love about this yoga……

So I can honestly say I didn’t consciously make the decision to become a Bikram teacher. One day in July 2009, I simply was going to teacher training. That was it.  No questions, no doubt. If you don’t make the decision, the universe finds a way of doing it for you!

I love this yoga. I love the honesty and truth that it brings you. I love the community that we have. Bikram Yoga is different for everybody who walks up those stairs. We often start coming for one reason, and all sorts of other things start happening.


"I truly believe that Bikram Yoga is the best toolset you can ever have with you in your journey through your life."


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