To be honest, I don’t know what sort of person I would have turned out to be if I didn’t start bikrams16library-177-of-181practising Yoga back in 2006. I think I would have remained stuck in a lifestyle that was detrimental for my mental, physical and emotional health. Back then, I felt disconnected from the people I loved and the friends I cared most about. I felt incomplete and needed an escape.

The first class I took was taught by Denise Butler. Her angelic, compassionate presence took me through the class as I battled many thoughts with my mind; about the heat, what I looked like, how much I was sweating, if the teacher would be quiet for a few minutes, how long the class was going for etc. The one thing that really struck a chord with me was the mirror. It was confronting. It didn’t make me feel comfortable and I didn’t like the person in the reflection. I realised then that the person reflecting back was my greatest enemy but also my best friend. It is the person that we struggle to spend time with, it is the person who matters the most, it is the person we need to love the most. The greatest relationship you will ever have is the one with yourself. My feelings of emptiness were answered.

I fell in love with the Bikram series. The 26 asanas in a hot healing chamber allows me to enter into a calm state of moving, repetitive meditation. It is the only yoga style that I have practised that has guided me to train my mind and body to be completely STILL for 90min. After 5 years of practice I was struck by a powerful quote: “There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve, the fear of failure” – Paulo Coehlo. My greatest dream was to become a yoga teacher. In fall 2011 I went to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in L.A and have been teaching this powerful Hatha Yoga practice since.

Being able to guide and teach inspiring students each day is a purposeful existence. Being able to live and breathe a dream is priceless.