Josh Bowd

I tried my first Bikram class in 2007 in Melbourne. I’d just finished the firefighting season and was thinking of joining a gym. I was heading into a gym when I noticed a yoga studio across the street offering 10 days of Bikram Yoga for $20. I thought I’d give that a go instead and see how I went.

The first class was insanely intense. I remember the front row with their calmness and serenity in those conditions and realised just how far away I was from that. I wanted to change.

I was a normal kind of guy then. I was into watching sport, having a beer but when I started the yoga things started to change. I was going to class 5 times a week and I’d regularly do 30 day challenges.

I really liked the challenge of Bikram yoga. After every class I felt like I was cleansed, like I was starting with a clean slate. I knew pretty soon that this is what I should be doing.

Becoming a teacher was a natural progression I guess although people kept telling me I should be a teacher I didn’t really believe it for a long time. Eventually I did and I went to Teacher Training in 2010 in San Diego.

Since then I’ve taught all over Australia. I arrived at Brookvale – the mother ship – in March 2018. I love the strong sense of community in the studio. The teachers here are all on the same page, all passionate about Bikram Yoga and that really shines through in the students’ focus and harmony in the room.

I never did join the gym. 😊


“For me the best thing about Bikram Yoga is the mental strength it gives you.”