Jodie Petersen - Studio Owner


When I practised my first Bikram Yoga Class in 1996, although I could barely touch my toes,jodie portrait sep 2014 I knew I had found something special that would be part of me forever.

Very quickly my body became leaner, stronger, fitter, flexible but more than anything i felt happy. I felt amazing. My dark moods lifted, my negative thoughts started to dwindle, I worried less and slept better. I realised I’d truly found my passion in life.

In 1997, I studied intensively with Bikram Choudhury, the creator of Bikram Yoga and returned to Oz inspired and prepared to open my very own school on the Northern Beaches. In 1998 I opened the first Bikram school in Australia owned and run by an Australian! I am proud to wear my heart on my sleeve that now there are 56 Bikram Yoga schools throughout Australia. We work together as a community sharing our love and ideas with each other as we continue to spread knowledge of physical and emotional benefits of Bikram Yoga. We are the original ‘hot’ yoga.

My school, Bikram Yoga Brookvale is now one of the most successful schools in the world, evidence of the power of Bikram Yoga in changing bodies, minds and lives. We laugh a lot and we laugh loud – our students say they can hear us having fun as they walk up the street towards our building.

Using the asanas to delve deeper into learning about myself and my life, I fall deeper in love with Bikram Yoga.

I am blessed to have some of the country’s most experienced teachers as part of our team. Together, my team and I are absolutely devoted to bringing Bikram Yoga and its myriad of benefits to our students.


” With Bikram Yoga, I believe that anything is possible! “


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