Dave Reid - Bikram BrookvaleI suffered with a bad back from the age of 19. By the time I was in my mid 30s, everything was falling apart in my body, to the point where I could barely sit for more than 10 minutes in the car - using the clutch was agony on my sciatic nerve. I spent hundreds of dollars trying to find the “cure” for my back - visiting doctors, physios, chiropractor once, twice a week for years.

An x-ray finally revealed that I had less than 4% of the disc left between L4 and L5 and I was informed that the human body doesn’t have the mechanisms to heal that sort of degeneration. The depression which had plagued me for most of my life set in again.

So, with nothing to lose, I went along to try Bikram Yoga. Everything in the class killed me, it was agony during and after the class and the next day it didn’t feel much better. I was dubious that this was going to fix me, but was reassured by Jodie that I should keep going. So I did.

18 months later the pain, and the depression, was entirely gone.

That was 17 years ago and I have now been National Bikram Champion twice and runner up twice. 20 years ago I couldn’t sit in a car for 10 minutes, now I sit on a plane for 18 hours flying to LA to compete in Bikram Yoga Competitions!

Bikram Yoga has changed my life 180 degrees and I believe it can change anyone’s life, but you must have faith and work through the pain. If you don’t want to suffer in your life, practice yoga. 90 minutes a day = 90 years of pain-free happy life.

I did my teacher-training in 2006 after Bikram asked me during his 2005 Australian Seminar why I wasn’t a teacher. In that position, you don’t really have a choice!

" All I needed was a kick up the ass, and the rest, as they say..."


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