I was studying landscaping when I first decided to come along to a Bikram class to help with my concentration.Castro zip

It was 2010. I can remember my first class – it was a Thursday at 6am with Phee. I loved it! I loved my 2nd and my 3rd class but my 4th class I walked out of the room, I really struggled with the heat in that one. I spoke to Sheriff about struggling with the heat and he said if you’re struggling with heat then you’re not breathing. So I started to concentrate more on my breath.

My concentration did improve and my whole body changed. I lost a lot of weight, felt much more flexible and strong.

I went to teacher training in 2013 because I loved the yoga so much I just wanted to be part of it..  What I love most about teaching is the exchange of energy with the students. 

“Faith is an oasis in the heart that can never be reached by the caravan of thinking” Kahlil Gibran


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