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Jodie – Studio Owner

When I practised my first Bikram Yoga Class in 1996, although I could barely touch my toes, I knew I had found something special that would be part of me forever…… about Jodie


Heather portrait


I’ve been a nurse for more than 20 years, working in a variety of fields ( oncology, palliative care, rheumatology and research to name a few) and as a result I’m passionate about promoting holistic health and well-being ……… about Heather



I kept on coming. I did no other form of exercise. I talked about this yoga I’d found to everybody, I felt so blessed to have found it….. about Kimmi




I was looking for a more challenging form of yoga so I tried several different styles – as I discovered, there was nothing to compare to Bikram’s Yoga!……about Kaz



I limped into my first Bikram Yoga class in 2001, walked out limp free and haven’t looked back. While I came to yoga to avoid a hip replacement, I discovered the benefits to overall health and wellbeing surpassed anything I had tried before…… about Alison



When I was first introduced to yoga in 1995 as part of my performing arts & acting degree I hated it and thought it was boring & pointless! During my years working professionally in the performing arts industry I developed an eating disorder and rheumatoid arthritis….about Rowena





I found something that makes me feel good from the inside out… and the best thing is that great feeling doesn‘t stop… it stays with you…. about Barbara



I left my old life in all aspects and started a completely new life – a Bikram Yoga instructor – to spread the word on how this can really improve your health and well being and to make a difference in peoples lives...about Paula  



Yoga is my strength, my health, and my life. Now I can share my love of the practice, and the benefits of the practice, with you, the studentsabout Denise




I had been promising a friend for months that I would join her for a Bikram class but eventually I ran out of feeble excuses ……. about Phee

Castro Junior


I was studying landscaping when I first decided to come along to a Bikram class to help with my concentration………… about Castro

Richard Levy


If you’d told me on 30 December 2008, the day I took my first Bikram Yoga class that I’d one day be teaching this stuff, I’d have laughed at you. Like a lot of newcomers, I went to my first class…… about Richard