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We are a mass of INTELLIGENT cells and particles communicating with one another. How to make an organ, how to breathe, how to regenerate, how to heal and how to stay in balance. And then there is our mind.. so complex and so powerful.

A big part of NRG BODIES’ mission is to help human beings move to a state of peace in their mind and connection to their soul; their truth. By doing this, we no longer become a victim to circumstance and we take ownership. We become the creator of our reality.

Our passions lie in massage for physical pain or limited motion/movement as well as the deeper/emotional exploration of DIS – EASE on all levels of the mind and body.

As a qualified beauty therapist, holistic facials are also on offer as they are an amazing tool for relaxation & self love.

Our body communicates to us all the time and through the mediums of massage, trigger point, myofascial release, reiki, sound and crystal healing, meditation, holistic facials and mindful practices we hold space and listen to its message, bringing your body and mind back into alignment.

To slow down, be present and quieten the mind are three blessings in any session here at NRG BODIES.

Specialising in mind/body connection. Creating change and transformation on all levels of the body.

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