Herbal Medicine


HeadshotBarbara Bevilacqua is a degree qualified Western Herbal Medicine practitioner passionate about providing the community with the highest quality medicinal herbal support.

Herbal Medicine is the oldest and mostly widely used system of medicine in the world and incorporates herbal preparations that contain plant parts or plant materials as the active ingredients.

Herbal medicine supports wholistic treatment, which means the body is viewed as an entire inter-related system and an imbalance in one area (physical, emotional or spiritual) often manifests as illness or disease.

Herbal therapy is utilised in conjunction with diet and prioritises the use of food as medicine as a way to eradicate disease, correct imbalance, and strengthen the body. The cornerstone of natural healing is to support the body to tap into its innate self-healing resources. The more you know how your body works, the better equipped you are to make choices that support and enhance your quality of life.

Whether you are looking to optimise and maintain your current health or you’re supporting a chronic health picture, Barbara’s main goal is tangible results; physical, emotional and spiritual while supporting ethical and sustainable plant practices, and a deep respect for the natural world. Herbal medicine entails the commitment to establish healthy habits and the willingness to address underlying issues.

Consultation Process

An initial appointment is structured to get a comprehensive understanding of your health history as well as covering the current functioning of the different systems of your body. Initial treatment protocol will be discussed collaboratively to explore different possibilities for change-making on your wellness journey. You will leave this consultation with an initial set of lifestyle/nutritional considerations that you can begin to work with immediately. A follow up appointment will be scheduled within a week where I will present a personalised treatment plan with specific resources and recommendations. Tailor made herbal tinctures, supplements and/or teas will either be dispensed at the end of this session or delivered a few days later dependent on prescription.


Follow-up Appointments

Follow-up appointments ensure that the herbs and lifestyle changes feel good, to address any questions, and to make necessary adjustments. As the body adapts, different herbs and protocols may become more useful or relevant than prior ones. Follow up appointments are entirely dependent on the presenting complaint, chronicity of illness or roadblocks to health.


  • Initial consultation (1 hour) and treatment plan (30 minutes) $150

As an introductory offer, all Bikram students can book in for an initial consultation for $100 during the month of March and April 2019.

  • Follow up appointments (45 mins) $ 90


As herbal protocols are specific to the individual, the cost of herbs and supplements are not included in the above consultation fees.


Barbara is available at Bikram Yoga Brookvale on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please phone 0411 072 448 to make an appointment.