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Alexandra Coffey worked in music + media for years in Tokyo + Melbourne before devising her own system of bodywork therapy.

Derived from a combination of healing modalities; reflexology, acupressure, therapeutic deep-tissue, stomach massage, medicinal-grade aromatherapy, sound + yoga breath work. Her method of bodywork therapy is a holistic deep-tissue physical treatment that covers not just the muscles of the body but also the skeletal system and the subtle body energy systems (qi or prana.)

Integrating and evolving these techniques to fit in with a simple philosophy of finding every bit of tension in the body and releasing it, as appropriate. Observing also, that the source of some residual tension in the body can be from emotional or stress-related reasons, as well as physical traumas and injuries.

Her Bodywork Therapy also recognises the body as one holistic organism and that dealing with one part in isolation is often not as effective as dealing with the whole person.

“I suffered from a host of ailments for much of my teens and twenties. I happened upon Bikram yoga while cycling past the studio in Fitzroy one afternoon some 12 years ago now– and have been practicing regularly ever since. I find my system of bodywork therapy marries beautifully with the 26 + 2 method.”

Bodywork Therapy has seen Alexandra travel the world and treat bodies of all types. “I work a lot with children, elite athletes, the elderly and the chronically + terminally ill. I can’t think of anything else I’d rather spend my time doing.”

Treatment FeesBodywork Therapy

90 minutes $180

2 hours $240

For Introductory clients at Bikram Yoga Brookvale Alexandra is offering an express hour treatment for $100 till 31st December 2018.

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Phone: 0490 316 691