Y26 is a dedicated yoga program for Teenagers. It is based on the Bikram Yoga 26 & 2 method. Bikram Yoga Brookvale has developed Y26 to specifically help young people. We see today’s teenagers facing unprecedented mental health challenges.

How Yoga can Help

One of the cornerstones of Bikram yoga is to understand the monkey mind, realising how thoughts and feelings influence our behaviour and that it is possible to change those thoughts when they do not serve us.

Our thoughts and feelings aren’t our reality. However for teenagers it can feel this way. Young people can suffer from over-stimulated and active minds. Add external influences such as spiteful unhelpful messaging from society, the media, peer influences and life can become very uncomfortable.

What is it

teens in treeBikram Yoga is a comprehensive Hatha yoga practice designed to improve mental and emotional wellbeing. It’s ultimate goal is happiness, joy, contentment, ability and courage to see oneself. Especially for teens they will develop tools to handle challenges, become more resilient, gain perspective and live a fulfilling joyful life. 

Yoga has many many benefits. Practitioners report experiencing better sleep patterns, regulation of weight, increased fitness and stamina, improved strength and of course – flexibility. Through the strong mindfulness practice it brings better focus and concentration, a calmer and clearer mind, increased feelings of happiness and well-being and improved self-image.

How Y26 can help teens with their mental health.

Like Bikram Yoga, Y26 uses a unique combination of heat, mirrors, light and a strong teaching style to provide the opportunity for students to be active participants in their own evolution. The same postures are done each time. It is the repetition of the series that allows development of concentration and body mind awareness.

The class is a safe, nurturing space were there is no comparison.

Building resilience, strength and determination. 

 Our Y26 Teachers


 Johnny Dibs 

Johnny has combined his experience working with youth and his love of Bikram Yoga to create this pioneering youth program. Johnny’s goal is to create a yoga school for youth, teaching the benefits of Hot Yoga. A safe non-competitive place where young people can belong to a community that tests them and offers opportunities for real change and growth.




Mackellar girls 2 (3)Jodie Petersen

The world’s first Australian Bikram Yoga teacher, Jodie has been teaching since 1998. She loves working with Mackellar Girls’ groups during the school terms and has been teaching them since 2016. The girls have found practicing Bikram yoga has helped them feel happier, calmer, more focused, stronger in their bodies and more capable at school. They also reported sleeping better and finding it easier to get out of their head and into their heart.

Class Times: Tuesday 4.15pm and Thursday 4.15pm in the Youth Yoga Room at Bikram Yoga Wellness Centre

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