Straighten Up Therapy

Why have a Straighten up treatment?

The Straighten Up technique is a unique and highly effective approach to Tension and Pain Relief.

Using a non-invasive, subtle process to re-aligned and restore balance to the body and enhance movement and energy flow. Throughout each treatment I apply onto your body the Straighten up tool which delivers light vibrations directed throughout your body allowing the muscles to relax giving those deeply knotted muscles some flow of blood and energy. Application of the Straighten up tool melts away the tension in the Myofascial Meridians that run from head to toe and criss-crossing throughout your body.
This is not a Chiropractic or Osteopathic treatment.

How Straighten up Treatments can complement your Yoga

Straighten up treatment is a natural complement to yoga, and vice versa. As you move through your practice you will notice ever changing muscular resistances and imbalances. Regular Straighten up treatments together with Bikram Yoga will help release the specific problem areas and in turn strengthen your Yoga practice allowing better alignment, balance and flow.

How often should you receive a treatment?

Every client has unique requirements and responds at varying rates to each treatment depending on how long the imbalance has been there . As we Progress through each Straighten up treatment we work on building core stability and improved mobility made from prior treatments. Chronic conditions will initially require regular Straighten up treatments to make consistent gains. We will be able to advise you regarding frequency of follow-up treatments during your first Straighten up treatment.Darren portrait


Initial consultation 90 Minutes
90 minute treatment – $150
60 minute treatment – $120

Straighten up Therapy can also benefit children and teens.

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