Meet our Teachers


Jodie – Studio Owner

When I practised my first Bikram Yoga Class in 1996, although I could barely touch my toes, I knew I had found something special that would be part of me forever…… about Jodie


Sheriff (Dave)

Bikram Yoga was changed my life 180 degrees and I believe it can change anyone’s life, but you must have faith and work through the pain. If you don’t want to suffer in your life, practice yoga ….. about Dave


” I found something that makes me feel good from the inside out… and the best thing is that great feeling doesn‘t stop… it stays with you.”.…. about Barbara



Yoga is my strength, my health, and my life. Now I can share my love of the practice, and the benefits of the practice, with you, the students,and say……‘Hey’ don’t be sick, tired, unfit, discouraged by life – come and empower with yoga – Enjoy! about Denise 


I left my old life in all aspects and started a completely new life – a Bikram Yoga instructor – to spread the word on how this can really improve your health and well being and to make a difference in peoples lives...…about Paula  


My twin passions of sport and the arts has always been central to my life. Practicing Bikram Yoga helps me to optimise performance in both disciplinesFrom a teaching perspective, I’ve seen so many people heal their bodies and transform their lives through this yoga.…about Paul 


Kim MacKechnie

I kept on coming. I did no other form of exercise, except of course, pushing a pram. I talked about this yoga I’d found to everybody, I felt so blessed to have found it….. about Kim


I was looking for a more challenging form of yoga so I tried several different styles – as I discovered, there was nothing to compare to Bikram’s Yoga!...…about Kaz  

Kim Doyle

Wow I am so grateful to this wonderful studio, to Bikram for the Yoga, and for this Divine Arrangement, leading me to our beautiful Bikram Brookvale community…... about Kim



To be honest, I don’t know what sort of person I would have turned out to be if I didn’t start practising Yoga for the first time in 2006…….about Kash


I limped into my first Bikram Yoga class in 2001, walked out limp free and haven’t looked back. While I came to yoga to avoid a hip replacement, I discovered the benefits to overall health and wellbeing surpassed anything I had tried before…… about Alison


Castro is our newest teacher on the Brookvale crew… “Faith is an oasis in the heart that can never be reached by the caravan of thinking” Kahlil Gibran……….. about Castro



I’ve been a nurse for more than 20 years, working in a variety of fields ( oncology, palliative care, rheumatology and research to name a few) and as a result I’m passionate … …… about Heather


I am an outdoor person who loves to be in the ocean or running on the sand but after the initial shock I soon came to realize how incredible this yoga is for working the body, mind and spirit and now I run happily to that hot room again and again… …… about Helena



Meet the support crew

Chrissie – Front Desk Filly

Over the many many years I’ve worked here, I’ve seen many transformations and can’t believe how youthful, energetic and glowing our students look from practising Bikram yoga regularly (I’d say 3 times a week is a good basis).
A lot of people my age (I’m in my 60s) think that Bikram is going to be too hard and is only for young people. And I must admit, it’s certainly not lawn bowls, but you can definitely do it at any age and the benefits are so amazing, it makes it so worthwhile. You just feel great after a class. I recommend it to everyone because I really believe in its health-giving benefits.